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Camp B’nai Brith celebrates 90 years
For 90 years, Camp B’nai Brith has remained true to its mission to provide a Jewish camping experience to the children of Montreal’s Jewish community. In its positive and nurturing environment, children enjoy the opportunity to develop self-esteem, friendships and memories that are cherished for life.
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What's being Jewish to you?
How do you express your Jewishness?
What's your ish?
Find answers and new ideas at whatsyourish.com. For every posting, 25 cents will be donated to our partners at the Jewish Federations of North America to address an array of needs. Then, each participant will be able to vote on how the fund’s resources get allocated, whether it’s poverty, elder care, Jewish identity, Israel solidarity or more. Participants will also have the option of letting their Federation decide the greatest needs. .
Ayalim: Strengthening Israeli Society
Students at Menachemia<BR>Photo: Yehuda Lakhian The Ayalim project, combines university studies and community service and the vision of settling the land. Student villages have been successful in bringing people to live in outlying areas of Israel and at the same time restoring neglected and abandoned historic buildings to their former glory.
Why does social advocacy matter to the Jewish community?
One of the greatest misconceptions about the Jewish community is the level of affluence enjoyed by its members. In fact, behind this false impression of seamless wealth and prosperity is the harsh reality that almost one-fifth of Montreal Jews live below the poverty line and struggle to cover the costs of daily living.
West Island completes successful season of outreach
Photos: Avi Charzan FEDERATION CJA West Island has successfully expanded its outreach and services to families, young adults and older adults, who are in search of additional opportunities to engage in Jewish life “in their own backyards”.
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